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Microsoft Firefox  – What’s In The Pipeline?

As our favorite browser we are always keen to see what developments are around the corner, what new ideas the company will come up with and what other things can be introduced to differentiate our browser from the competition with Microsoft Firefox.


Although the browser is a well-developed piece of software, there is room for improvements and new ideas to be added. With the relatively recent introduction of the android variant and synchronisation of bookmarks over the air, we are excited to see where things go. By doing some research online we have discovered some of the things coming down the pipe by

Multi Process Architecture by

Mozilla the company behind Firefox are currently working on splitting Mozilla into multiple processes. While this might sound complicated, and it undoubtedly is the benefits would include better security, make it more responsive, and also more stable. It also has the added advantage of enabling the coders to work on individual parts on the browser software in isolation. Consdering how long the Firefox browser has been in development, this new update will actually be the biggest undertaking since the browser was first launched. Quite impressive when you might expect all development to have exhausted over the years.


Add-Ons Will Need To Be Updated

One of the negatives of progress is that other tools you might use which are not part of the core functionality of the browser may be broken by the update. For the end user, this could mean that some of their favourite add-ons could suddenly stop working, and you are then reliant on the original author still being sufficiently interested in updating his original piece of code to fix the problem. While this can be frustrating Mozilla cannot be beholden to the third party develops for its main product by


Touch Screen Technology

When Firefox was first developed it was for a standard browser on a computer. When you only have to design for one system things are obviously a lot easier. With the advent of cell phones, tablets and touch screens the compatibility issues have increased tenfold.  That is another reason why Firefox is developing the use of Multi Process Architecture. You can thing of each different input mode and device as a separate process that coding is required for. Mozilla have been tackling this issue for many years and now seem to have come up with the perfect solution by Microsoft


Separating the Processes Inside Microsoft Firefox

One of the other challenges Firefox developers have been working on is to prevent the entire browser slowing down when one website or page takes a long time to load. In essence what this means is that each page loads independently of one another, enabling a much more fluid and productive experience for the user by Firefox free download.

Firefox has always been at the cutting edge of web browser development, and these latest updates show that the company is just as focused as ever in driving forward the technology. For most people reading this article, there will be no need to persuade you to continue to use Firefox as your browser, but it is still interesting to see our beloved Firefox striding bravely into the future of r firefox.